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Indian Education System: What must be change?

What can we get to modify regarding the Indian Education System? Education has been a tangle in our country and lack of it has been everlasting for all forms of evil for many years. Even Rabindranath Tagore wrote extended articles regarding it to emphasize that Indian education system must be modified. Funny factor is that from the colonial times, few things have been modified. We have got established IITs, IIMs, law colleges and different establishments of excellence; students currently habitually score 90th marks so even students with 90+ percentage find it troublesome to get into the universities of their choice; however we have a tendency to do a lot of an equivalent previous stuff. Rote learning still plagues our system,...
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Seven Tips for Effective Board Exams Preparation

For all the tenth and twelfth category students, the extent of competition one faces throughout board exams is extraneous of the sort of school education board. Within the midst of this increasing rate attributable to high competition, several students begin facing issues that may forestall them from coping up with the quantity of self-induced pressure that they build up inside themselves. It becomes extremely important for parents to understand the worth of their support and steerage at such a stage of their children’s career. There are several concerns that students ought to undertake while preparing for board exams, like time management, confidence, and preparation in a good manner. However, their oldsters, teachers and elder siblings have got...
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Board Exams; Ten years of study, one exam; How it matters!

Those unhappy years of schooling measures adequately the next sixty years of your life, they say. Well so. Youngsters are fully influenced by the teaching, and data garnered throughout the memorable school and college life. Every chapter, subject, and lessons learnt to play a significant role in building an individual. Have you thought if the tenth class is additionally special? Without a doubt, class 10th is one amongst the foremost relevant standards of formal education. It’s that point of life in which one undergoes many hormonal and psychological changes, thereby marking the onset of adulthood. Students tend to become a lot...
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