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5 Feb 2017

Board Exams; Ten years of study, one exam; How it matters!

Those unhappy years of schooling measures adequately the next sixty years of your life, they say. Well so. Youngsters are fully influenced by the teaching, and data garnered throughout the memorable school and college life.

Every chapter, subject, and lessons learnt to play a significant role in building an individual.

Have you thought if the tenth class is additionally special? Without a doubt, class 10th is one amongst the foremost relevant standards of formal education. It’s that point of life in which one undergoes many hormonal and psychological changes, thereby marking the onset of adulthood. Students tend to become a lot more mature and stable. The foremost distinctive feature of tenth board examinations is that they’re the primary nationalised external exam for varsity goers. Hence, the tenth board is an important thing that happens to a child of that age. The thought of taking the board exams is like a nightmare to a student. They’re fearful of board exams as they turn sixteen. However, in the end, it’s often sheer efforts that pay off in life.
Why the tenth Board Results so Important?
The tenth board results act as one of the most important deciding criteria throughout the admission method. Furthermore, they play a very important impact in resume since it acts as an indicator of a student’s academic performance. Several prestigious faculties and universities assign separate points to tenth marks and heavily think about them when granting admission to the students. Hence, the class tenth is a career shaper and a game changer. Students study all the topics completely and try to work out their interests. Considering their performance in exams, they decide which stream to choose.

Taking tenth board exams is a wonderful indicator that shows where one stands as compared to not only twenty-nine classmates but class ten students across the country. Since boards are conducted at a national level, a not-so-good performance in school tenth boards can stumble upon as a warning call to perform higher.

Also, once you’ve successfully gone through and conquered the class 10th board exams, you’ll find your fear of facing hard exams dwindling away. You’ll learn the way to manage time, multitask and deliver your best under stressed conditions.

And what’s the most effective part? Once you leave your comfort zone of taking the exams at another Centre, taking a paper created by another teacher and being evaluated by faculties who aren’t from your school, you’ll be able to assess yourself in a better way. By being in an unforeseen situation and rising up as triumphant enables you with the boldness to try and do things.

Chalking out a tailored Study plan for tenth Board Exams, Why tenth Board Results aren’t the tip of the globe?

Let us analyse answer of this question: Do dreams, goals, adventures and even friends need a mark sheet? Most of you would agree with me that it doesn’t. With the tenth examinations approaching, we’re estimating that there can be lots of students fighting off with nervousness and anxiety. Due to the intense hype regarding board exams, in the wake of poor performances, many students sink into depression and even harbour self-destructive tendencies. Poor grades that may not allow us to pursue the career of our choice become too significant a burden, and youngsters succumb to pressure.

What if you don’t get the specified marks? What if your others expect much more of you? What if the grades obtained are not sufficient when it comes to your most popular selection of college education?

It’s time to eliminate these myths.

A three-hour examination cannot decide your potential. Does one wish to understand another bitter truth?   Let’s assume your dream destination is IIT. Class 10th marks has no significance in seeking admission to IITs 😉

Your class tenth percentage/CGPA merely reflects your ability to learn the items. So, you want to have to feel superior regarding being a ten pointer or getting a ninety-fifth percentage. The sooner you understand it, the better it will be. Some individuals with low marks in tenth do clear JEE with flying colours. On the other hand, only some individuals who score high in class tenth could make to JEE. So, marks in 10th don’t imply anything with certainty regarding your future endeavours.

Many people who didn’t excel in school have been successful in various walks of life through diligence and discipline. And many of those who did ace in class ended up being mediocre in their vocation. So, nothing is permanent.

It can be concluded that tenth boards result are vital in life however they’re not your life.

So, just follow your heart, study often. Take it simple. No examination can stop your opportunities. The sole factor to use caution about: Don’t use “10th-grade results don’t matter” to avoid doing the mandatory work. But instead, develop the discipline needed for it. Whatever marks you may achieve through honest efforts is okay.